Time For Change!

Time For Change!

Change is, I swear it, the most exciting thing in the world!!! I have been finding myself lately in quiet contemplation and deep self care, and it has been an incredible experience. I really can't be "on" all of the time, and if I am, no one gets the best of me. Not even myself. So for the past couple weeks I've been adopting a short and private morning routine as well as a longer, more focused deep relaxation and pampering. I find that these have been making me better. I'm more focused, I'm more patient, I'm more open.

You may have seen from my social media, that a big family move is coming. I've been receiving a lot of questions publicly and I just am not ready to share the full extent of this move until everything is aligned. At the moment, I'm in a place of cleaning out my house and squirreling away funds for the future!

I've been AFRAID... so afraid, and have felt unworthy of standing on my own two feet. I associated my identity with being a nurse, with being a stylist, with being a yoga instructor... but I find labels so limiting. I am a whole being who strives to feel and share connection, loving acceptance, and raising the energy of the world, together.

It starts at a cellular level, where we calm our cells and slow our personal vibrations. We can do this with pampering, self acceptance, contemplation/meditation, dreaming, alone time. Then we open and share; our stories, our healing, our talents with the world, so that they in turn can live their best life.

With that being said, I worked hard on creating a new website that encompasses all that I am, and I hope to create an interactive experience, so that we can connect heart to heart in life- off of social media, but also anywhere in the world...

it's freaking awesome! And I'm dang proud of it!